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CGAL 4.12.1 - 2D Arrangements
CGAL::Arr_conic_traits_2< RatKernel, AlgKernel, NtTraits >::X_monotone_curve_2 Class Reference

#include <CGAL/Arr_conic_traits_2.h>


The X_monotone_curve_2 class nested within the conic-arc traits is used to represent \( x\)-monotone conic arcs.

It inherits from the Curve_2 type, therefore supports the access methods and the operations listed above.

For efficiency reasons, we recommend users not to construct \( x\)-monotone conic arc directly, but rather use the Make_x_monotone_2 functor supplied by the conic-arc traits class to convert conic curves to \( x\)-monotone curves.


 X_monotone_curve_2 (const Curve_2 &arc)
 converts the given arc to an \( x\)-monotone arc. More...

Access Functions

const Point_2left () const
 returns the left (lexicographically smaller) endpoint of xa.
const Point_2right () const
 returns the right (lexicographically larger) endpoint of xa.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ X_monotone_curve_2()

template<typename RatKernel , typename AlgKernel , typename NtTraits >
CGAL::Arr_conic_traits_2< RatKernel, AlgKernel, NtTraits >::X_monotone_curve_2::X_monotone_curve_2 ( const Curve_2 arc)

converts the given arc to an \( x\)-monotone arc.

arc is \( x\)-monotone.