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CGAL 4.12 - 2D Periodic Triangulations
Is Model Relationships
Class CGAL::Periodic_2_Delaunay_triangulation_traits_2< Traits, Periodic_2Offset_2 >
Class CGAL::Periodic_2_triangulation_face_base_2< Gt, Fb >
Class CGAL::Periodic_2_triangulation_traits_2< Traits, Periodic_2Offset_2 >
Class CGAL::Periodic_2_triangulation_vertex_base_2<>
Module Handles, Iterators and Circulators
of the concept Handle which basically offers the two dereference operators and ->. The iterators and circulators are all bidirectional and non-mutable. The circulators and iterators are convertible to handles with the same value type, so that whenever a handle appear in the parameter list of a function, an appropriate iterator or circulator can be passed as well.
page User Manual
for Traits. Periodic_2_triangulation_traits_2 provides exact predicates and exact constructions if Traits does. It provides exact predicates but not exact constructions if Filtered_kernel<CK> with CK an inexact kernel is used as its first template parameter. Using Exact_predicates_inexact_constructions_kernel as Traits provides fast and exact predicates and not exact constructions, using Exact_predicates_exact_constructions_kernel provides fast and exact predicates and exact constructions. The latter is recommended if the dual constructions and constructions of points, segments, triangles, and tetrahedra are used.