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CGAL 4.7 - Monotone and Sorted Matrix Search
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Type Requirements
Class CGAL::Dynamic_matrix< M >
M is a model for BasicMatrix.
Member CGAL::monotone_matrix_search (const Matrix &m, RandomAccessIC t, const Compare_strictly &compare_strictly=less< Matrix::Value >())

Matrix is a model for MonotoneMatrixSearchTraits.

Value type of RandomAccessIC is int.

If compare_strictly is defined, it is an adaptable binary function: Matrix::Value \( \times\) Matrix::Value \( \rightarrow\) bool describing a strict (non-reflexive) total ordering on Matrix::Value.

Member CGAL::sorted_matrix_search (RandomAccessIterator f, RandomAccessIterator l, const Traits &t)

Traits is a model for SortedMatrixSearchTraits.

Value type of RandomAccessIterator is Traits::Matrix.