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CGAL 5.0 - 3D Envelopes
CGAL::Env_surface_data_traits_3< Traits, XyData, SData, Cnv >::Xy_monotone_surface_3 Class Reference

#include <CGAL/Env_surface_data_traits_3.h>

Inherits from



The Xy_monotone_surface_3 class nested within the surface-data traits extends the Base_traits_3::Xy_monotone_surface_3 type with an extra data field.


 Xy_monotone_surface_3 ()
 default constructor.
 Xy_monotone_surface_3 (const Base_xy_monotone_surface_3 &base)
 constructs an \( xy\)-monotone surface from the given base surface with uninitialized data field.
 Xy_monotone_surface_3 (const Base_xy_monotone_surface_3 &base, const Xy_monotone_surface_data &data)
 constructs an \( x\)-monotone surface from the given base \( x\)-monotone surface with an attached data field.

Access Functions

const Xy_monotone_surface_datadata () const
 returns the field (a non-const version, which returns a reference to the data object, is also available).
void set_data (const Xy_monotone_surface_data &data)
 sets the data field.