CGAL 5.1.3 - Manual
Editorial Board

The editorial board is in charge of approving the inclusion of new packages in the library.

This means that they assure that new contributions

  • are in keeping with the philosophy of CGAL (Chapter Introduction );
  • are generic and fit seamlessly with other parts of the library;
  • satisfy the coding conventions of CGAL (Chapter Coding Conventions );
  • carefully and efficiently treat robustness issues (Chapter Robustness Issues );
  • are designed in a flexible, extensible, and easy-to-use fashion;
  • and are designed to be technically feasible for the platforms supported by CGAL.

Software specifications and implementations should be submitted to the editorial board for approval. The process is described in the submission and review rules.

One should write a specification for a new package and submit it to the editorial board. Ideally, this should be done before implementation of the package: This ensures that time is not wasted in fixing code that may later be changed due to the recommendations of the board. Only after approval by the board will packages be included in new public releases and then only if they pass the test suite, of course.

The current list of members of the editorial board can be found on the web site.