CGAL 5.1.3 - Manual
Running a Testsuite Locally
CGAL developers

Running the Testsuite Locally of a Single Package

Before submitting a change for integration into CGAL it is good style to run the testsuite of the modified package and all packages that could be impacted. Here is what you need:

  • A shell such as bash (install Cygwin, when you are on Windows)
  • optional: put Scripts/scripts and Scripts/developer_scripts on your PATH environment variable or Alternatively, you can call the scripts mentioned below using their full path or a relative path
  • define the environment variable CGAL_DIR. It should be the directory where you built CGAL.
  • optional: define the environment variables for Boost, GMP, and any optional third party lib, e.g. Eigen.
  • On Windows: define the environment variable MAKE_CMD (put the line export MAKE_CMD=nmake in your $HOME/.bashrc for VC++)
  • On Windows: define the environment variable CMAKE_GENERATOR (put the line `export CMAKE_GENERATOR='-GNMake Makefiles'in your$HOME/.bashrc` for VC++)
  • go in the directory you want to test
  • Run cgal_test_with_cmake in the test and examples directories of the package. This should run CMake, compile and run, and you can see what happened in the generated file error.txt.

Running the Whole Testsuite

We describe here how to proceed to the testing of a full copy of master or any branch by creating a flat release (that is having a layout similar to a release rather than a branch layout with header files gathered by packages).

The creation of the flat release is done using the script create_internal_release located in the directory Scripts/developer_scripts. Running the script with no argument will give the complete usage of this script. We only describe one way of using it.

The prerequisite is to have a checkout of the branch we want to test. In the example, it will be located in ~/Git/cgal/.

First one goes into a directory where the flat release will be created:

> cd /tmp

Then the script create_internal_release is ran:

> create_internal_release -r CGAL-I-FOO -a ~/Git/cgal/

The directory CGAL-I-FOO now contains the flat release of the branch in ~/Git/cgal. Then you need to compile this flat release and set CGAL_DIR accordingly as explained in the installation manual.

To run the test-suite simply do:

> cd CGAL-I-FOO/test
> ./run_testsuite_with_cmake

and wait for the results to be written in the file error.txt.