CGAL 5.3 - Geomview
Geomview Reference

Andreas Fabri and Sylvain Pion
This package implements an interface to Geomview, an interactive 3D viewing program, originally developed at the Geometry Center in Minneapolis.
Introduced in: CGAL 2.0
BibTeX: cgal:fp-gv-21a
License: LGPL

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 Output Operators for CGAL Kernel Classes
 The following classes of the CGAL kernel have output operators.
 Input Operators for CGAL Kernel Classes
 An input operator is provided for points.
 Output Operators for CGAL Basic Library Classes
 Output operators are provided for polyhedral surfaces, as well as for 3D and 2D triangulations.


class  CGAL::Geomview_stream
 An object of the class Geomview_stream is a stream in which geometric objects can be inserted and where geometric objects can be extracted from. More...