CGAL 5.4 - dD Geometry Kernel
CGAL::Aff_transformation_d< Kernel > Member List

This is the complete list of members for CGAL::Aff_transformation_d< Kernel >, including all inherited members.

Aff_transformation_d()CGAL::Aff_transformation_d< Kernel >
Aff_transformation_d(int d, Identity_transformation)CGAL::Aff_transformation_d< Kernel >
Aff_transformation_d(Matrix M)CGAL::Aff_transformation_d< Kernel >
Aff_transformation_d(Scaling, Forward_iterator start, Forward_iterator end)CGAL::Aff_transformation_d< Kernel >
Aff_transformation_d(Translation, Vector_d< Kernel > v)CGAL::Aff_transformation_d< Kernel >
Aff_transformation_d(int d, Scaling, RT num, RT den)CGAL::Aff_transformation_d< Kernel >
Aff_transformation_d(int d, Rotation, RT sin_num, RT cos_num, RT den, int e1=0, int e2=1)CGAL::Aff_transformation_d< Kernel >
Aff_transformation_d(int d, Rotation, Direction_d< Kernel > dir, RT num, RT den, int e1=0, int e2=1)CGAL::Aff_transformation_d< Kernel >
dimension()CGAL::Aff_transformation_d< Kernel >
inverse()CGAL::Aff_transformation_d< Kernel >
LA typedefCGAL::Aff_transformation_d< Kernel >
Matrix typedefCGAL::Aff_transformation_d< Kernel >
matrix()CGAL::Aff_transformation_d< Kernel >
operator*(const Aff_transformation_d< Kernel > &s)CGAL::Aff_transformation_d< Kernel >