CGAL 5.4 - Number Types
CGAL::Lazy_exact_nt< NT > Member List

This is the complete list of members for CGAL::Lazy_exact_nt< NT >, including all inherited members.

approx()CGAL::Lazy_exact_nt< NT >
exact()CGAL::Lazy_exact_nt< NT >
get_relative_precision_of_to_double()CGAL::Lazy_exact_nt< NT >static
interval()CGAL::Lazy_exact_nt< NT >
Lazy_exact_nt()CGAL::Lazy_exact_nt< NT >
Lazy_exact_nt(BuiltIn i)CGAL::Lazy_exact_nt< NT >
Lazy_exact_nt(NT n)CGAL::Lazy_exact_nt< NT >
Lazy_exact_nt(Lazy_exact_nt< NT1 > n)CGAL::Lazy_exact_nt< NT >
operator<<(std::ostream &out, const Lazy_exact_nt< NT > &m)CGAL::Lazy_exact_nt< NT >related
operator>>(std::istream &in, Lazy_exact_nt< NT > &m)CGAL::Lazy_exact_nt< NT >related
set_relative_precision_of_to_double(double d)CGAL::Lazy_exact_nt< NT >static