CGAL 5.4.4 - dD Range and Segment Trees
dD Range and Segment Trees Reference

Gabriele Neyer
Range and segment trees allow to perform window queries on point sets, and to enumerate all ranges enclosing a query point. The provided data structures are static and they are optimized for fast queries.
Introduced in: CGAL 0.9
BibTeX: cgal:n-rstd-23a
License: GPL

This chapter presents the CGAL range tree and segment tree data structures.

The range tree is theoretically superior to the \( Kd\)-tree, but the latter often seems to perform better. However, the range tree as implemented in CGAL is more flexible than the \( Kd\)-tree implementation, in that it enables to layer together range trees and segment trees in the same data structure.

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class  CGAL::Tree_anchor< Data, Window >
 Tree_anchor is also derived from Tree_base. More...