CGAL 5.4.4 - Shape Detection
Shape Detection Reference

Sven Oesau, Yannick Verdie, Clément Jamin, Pierre Alliez, Florent Lafarge, Simon Giraudot, Thien Hoang, and Dmitry Anisimov
This package implements the Efficient RANSAC (RANdom SAmple Consensus) approach for detecting arbitrary shapes in an unorganized point set with unoriented normals and the Region Growing approach for detecting shapes in a set of arbitrary items. With the Efficient RANSAC approach, five canonical shapes can be detected: planes, spheres, cylinders, cones, and tori. Additional shapes can be detected, given a custom shape class by the user. For the Region Growing approach, this package provides three particular shape detection components: detecting lines in a 2D point set, detecting planes in a 3D point set, and detecting planes on a polygon mesh.
Introduced in: CGAL 4.7
BibTeX: cgal:ovja-pssd-23a
License: GPL
Windows Demo: Polyhedron demo
Common Demo Dlls: dlls

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Efficient RANSAC




Shape Interface

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Region Growing



Point Set

Polygon Mesh

Deprecated Components


 Region Growing
 Reference Manual for the Region Growing shape detection component.
 Efficient RANSAC
 Reference Manual for the Efficient RANSAC shape detection component.
 Deprecated components.