CGAL::Kernel_archetype is a concept archetype (minimal model) for the CGAL kernel concept. It provides all functionality required by the CGAL kernel concept, but nothing more. It can be used for testing successful compilation of packages of the basic library with a minimal model. Deprecated kernel functionality is not supported. All geometrical types (like the 2d/3d point or segment types) of CGAL::Kernel_archetype have copy constructors, default constructors and an assignment operator, and nothing else. Comparison operators are by default not supported, but can be switched on by defining the macro CGAL_CONCEPT_ARCHETYPE_ALLOW_COMPARISONS.

The geometrical types of the concept archetype encapsulate no data members, so runtime checks with the archetype are not very useful (CGAL::Kernel_archetype is only meant for compilation checks with a minimal model in the testsuites of CGAL packages).

The package supports the two- and three-dimensional part of the CGAL kernel concept. The d-dimensional part is not supported.

CGAL::Kernel_archetype normally offers the full functionality (all types, functors and constructions of a CGAL kernel model), but it is possible to restrict the interface. This can be useful for testing packages that require only a very small subset of the functionality offered by CGAL kernel models. If you want to do this, you have to define the macro CGAL_CA_LIMITED_INTERFACE (before the inclusion of CGAL/Kernel_archetype.h) to switch on the interface limitation. Now you have to tell the kernel archetype the types it has to provide for the specific package.

For every type you have to define a macro. The name of the macro is CGAL_CA_NAME_OF_KERNEL_TYPE, where NAME_OF_KERNEL_TYPE is the name of the kernel type (written in capitals) that has to be provided by the kernel archetype for a specific package. If, for example, a package only needs type definitions for Point_2 and Orientation_2, you would define CGAL_CA_LIMITED_INTERFACE, CGAL_CA_POINT_2 and CGAL_CA_ORIENTATION_2 .

Is Model for the Concept


#include <CGAL/Kernel_archetype.h>


Kernel_archetype ka;
Default constructor.


We provide all type definitions that must be provided by a CGAL kernel model. See the CGAL kernel concept manual pages for details. Deprecated functionality is not supported. You can restrict the interface by defining macros (see the definition for details).


For each of the function objects of the kernel archetype, there is a member function that requires no arguments and returns an instance of that function object. The name of the member function is the uncapitalized name of the type returned with the suffix _object appended.

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