The class Width_default_traits_3<K> is a traits class for Width_3<Traits> using the three-dimensional CGAL kernel.

#include <CGAL/Width_default_traits_3.h>


The template parameter K is a model for Kernel

Is Model for the Concepts



typedef typename K::Point_3 Point_3;
typedef typename K::Plane_3 Plane_3;
typedef typename K::Vector_3 Vector_3;
typedef typename K::RT RT;
typedef Convex_hull_traits_3<K> ChullTraits;


Width_default_traits_3<K> traits;
default constructor.


RT traits.get_hx ( Point_3 p) returns the homogeneous x-coordinate of point p.
RT traits.get_hy ( Point_3 p) returns the homogeneous y-coordinate of point p.
RT traits.get_hz ( Point_3 p) returns the homogeneous z-coordinate of point p.
RT traits.get_hw ( Point_3 p) returns the homogenizing coordinate of point p.
void traits.get_point_coordinates ( Point_3 p, RT& px, RT& py, RT& pz, RT& ph)
returns all homogeneous coordinates of point p at once.

RT traits.get_a ( Plane_3 f) returns the first coefficient of plane f.
RT traits.get_b ( Plane_3 f) returns the second coefficient of plane f.
RT traits.get_c ( Plane_3 f) returns the third coefficient of plane f.
RT traits.get_d ( Plane_3 f) returns the fourth coefficient of plane f.
void traits.get_plane_coefficients ( Plane_3 f, RT& a, RT& b, RT& c, RT& d)
returns all four plane coefficients of f at once.

Point_3 traits.make_point ( RT hx, RT hy, RT hz, RT hw)
returns a point of type Point_3 with homogeneous coordinates hx, hy, hz and hw.
Plane_3 traits.make_plane ( RT a, RT b, RT c, RT d)
returns a plane of type Plane_3 whose coefficients are a, b, c and d.
Vector traits.make_vector ( RT a, RT b, RT c)
returns a vector of type Vector_3 with the four coefficients a, b, c and 1.

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