The class Surface_mesh_complex_2_in_triangulation_3<Tr> implements a data structure to store the restricted Delaunay triangulation used by the surface mesh generator. The restricted Delaunay triangulation is stored as a two dimensional complex embedded in a three dimensional triangulation.

The class Surface_mesh_complex_2_in_triangulation_3<Tr> is a model of the concept SurfaceMeshComplex_2InTriangulation_3 and can be plugged as the template parameter C2T3 in the function template make_surface_mesh.

The template parameter Tr has to be instantiated with a model of the concept SurfaceMeshTriangulation_3. (Any three dimensional triangulation of CGAL is a model of Triangulation_3 provided that its vertex and cell base class be models of the concept SurfaceMeshVertexBase_3 and SurfaceMeshCellBase_3 respectively.)

#include <CGAL/Surface_mesh_complex_2_in_triangulation_3.h>

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