CGAL::Triangulation_vertex_base_with_id_2<TriangulationTraits_2, TriangulationVertexBase_2>


The class Triangulation_vertex_base_with_id_2 is a model of the concept TriangulationVertexBase_2, the base vertex of a 2D-triangulation. It provides an integer field that can be used to index vertices for BGL algorithms.

Note that the user is in charge to set the index correctly before running a graph algorithm.

#include <CGAL/Triangulation_vertex_base_with_id_2.h>


The first template argument is the geometric traits class TriangulationTraits_2 which provides the Point_2.

The second template argument is a vertex base class from which Triangulation_vertex_base_with_id_2 derives. It has the default value Triangulation_vertex_base_2<TriangulationTraits_2>.

Is Model for the Concepts


Inherits From


Access Functions

int () const Returns the index.
int& () Returns a reference to the index stored in the vertex.

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