CGAL 5.5.2 - L Infinity Segment Delaunay Graphs
SegmentDelaunayGraphLinfTraits_2::Construct_sdg_bisector_ray_2< Gt, M > Class Template Reference

#include <Concepts/SegmentDelaunayGraphLinfTraits_2.h>


The class template drawing the \(L_{\infty}\) edge between two sites, that is bounded by another site and the dummy site \(s_{\infty}\) (at infinity).

The class should define a Bisector_ray_type operator()(Site_2 p, Site_2 q, Site_2 r) that returns the edge between sites p and q that is bounded by the \(L_{\infty}\) Voronoi vertices \(v_{pqr}\) and \(v_{qp{\infty}}\).