CGAL 6.0 - 2D Arrangements
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CGAL::Arr_dcel< Traits, V, H, F > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Arr_dcel.h>

Inherits from

CGAL::Arr_dcel_base< V, H, F >.


template<typename Traits, typename V = Arr_vertex_base<typename Traits::Point_2>, typename H = Arr_halfedge_base<typename Traits::X_monotone_curve_2>, typename F = Arr_face_base>
class CGAL::Arr_dcel< Traits, V, H, F >

The DCEL class used by the Arrangement_2, Arr_bounded_planar_topology_traits_2, Arr_unb_planar_topology_traits_2 class templates and other templates.

It is parameterized by a geometry traits type and optionally by a vertex, halfedge, or face types. By default, the Arr_dcel class template uses the Point_2 and X_monotone_curve_2 types nested in the traits type to instantiate the vertex and base halfedge types, respectively. Thus, by default the DCEL only stores the topological incidence relations and the geometric data attached to vertices and edges. Any one of the vertex, halfedge, or face types can be overridden. Notice that if the vertex and halfedge types are overridden, the traits type is ignored.

Is model of
Template Parameters
Traitsa geometry traits type, which is a model of the ArrangementBasicTraits_2 concept.
Vthe vertex type, which is a model of the ArrangementDcelVertex concept.
Hthe halfedge type, which is a model of the ArrangementDcelHalfedge concept.
Fthe face type, which is a model of the ArrangementDcelFace concept.
See also
Arr_dcel_base<V, H, F>