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CGAL 4.12.1 - 2D Generalized Barycentric Coordinates
CGAL::Barycentric_coordinates::Mean_value_2< Traits > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Barycentric_coordinates_2/Mean_value_2.h>


The class Mean_value_2 implements 2D mean value coordinates ( [5], [2], [3] ).

This class is parameterized by a traits class Traits, and it is used as a coordinate class to complete the class Generalized_barycentric_coordinates_2. For a polygon with three vertices (triangle) it is better to use the class Triangle_coordinates_2. Mean value coordinates can be computed only approximately due to an inevitable square root operation, and they are necesserily positive only inside the kernel of a star-shaped polygon and inside any quadrilateral.

Template Parameters
Traitsmust be a model of the concept BarycentricTraits_2.
Is Model Of:
Barycentric_coordinates_2/Mean_value_coordinates_example.cpp, and Barycentric_coordinates_2/Terrain_height_modeling.cpp.


typedef Traits::FT FT
 Number type.
typedef Traits::Point_2 Point_2
 Point type.