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CGAL 4.12.1 - CGAL and the Qt Graphics View Framework
CGAL::Qt::VoronoiGraphicsItem< DT > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Qt/VoronoiGraphicsItem.h>

Inherits from



An object of type VoronoiGraphicsItem is a graphics item that encapsulates a Delaunay triangulation in order to draw its dual, the Voronoi diagram.

Template Parameters
DTmust be a 2D Delaunay triangulation class.


 VoronoiGraphicsItem (DT *dt)
 Constructs a graphics item for the dual of the Delaunay triangulation dt.


QPen edgesPen ()() const
 Returns the pen used to draw edges.
void setEdgesPen ()(const QPen &p)
 Set the pen used to draw edges.
bool visibleEdges ()
 Returns true, iff edges are drawn.
bool setVisibleEdges (bool b)
 Set the property.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from CGAL::Qt::GraphicsItem
virtual void modelChanged ()
 This slot must be provided by derived classes.