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CGAL 4.12 - Algebraic Kernel
CGAL::Algebraic_kernel_rs_gmpq_d_1 Class Reference

#include <CGAL/Algebraic_kernel_rs_gmpq_d_1.h>


This univariate algebraic kernel uses the Rs library to perform rational univariate polynomial root isolation. It is a model of the AlgebraicKernel_d_1 concept. Due to the fact that RS can only isolate integer polynomials, the operations of this kernel have the overhead of converting the polynomials to integer.

Is Model Of:
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typedef unspecified_type Coefficient
 It is a typedef to CGAL::Gmpq.
typedef unspecified_type Polynomial_1
 It is defined as CGAL::Polynomial<CGAL::Gmpq>.
typedef unspecified_type Algebraic_real_1
 Type that represents the real roots of integer univariate polynomials, containing a pointer to the polynomial of which the represented algebraic number is root and and a CGAL::Gmpfi isolating interval.
typedef unspecified_type Bound
 Since the isolating intervals of the roots have type CGAL::Gmpfi, the bounds have type CGAL::Gmpfr.
typedef unspecified_type Multiplicity_type
 The multiplicity is an int.