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CGAL 4.12 - dD Spatial Searching
CGAL::Distance_adapter< Key, PointPropertyMap, Base_distance > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Search_traits_adapter.h>

Inherits from



A class that uses a point property map to adapt a distance class to work on a key as point type.

When using Search_traits_adapter<Key,PointPropertyMap,BaseTraits> in a nearest neighbor search algorithm, this class must be used as distance.

Template Parameters
Keyis a type that is associated to a point of type Base_distance::Point_d.
PointPropertyMapis a model of LvaluePropertyMap with Key as key type and Base_distance::Point_d as value type.
Base_distanceis a model of either GeneralDistance or OrthogonalDistance.
Is Model Of:

GeneralDistance if Base_distance is a model of GeneralDistance

OrthogonalDistance if Base_distance is a model of OrthogonalDistance

See also


typedef Base_distance::FT FT
typedef Key Point_d
typedef Base_distance::Query_item Query_item


 Distance_adapter (const PointPropertyMap &ppmap=PointPropertyMap(), const Base_distance &base=Base_distance())
 Constructor initializing the class to base and setting the point property map of the class to ppmap.


const PointPropertyMap & point_property_map () const
 Returns the point property map.