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CGAL 4.14 - dD Triangulations
CGAL::Triangulation_ds_vertex< TriangulationDataStructure_ > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Triangulation_ds_vertex.h>


The class Triangulation_ds_vertex serves as the default vertex template parameter in the class Triangulation_data_structure<Dimensionality, TriangulationDSVertex_, TriangulationDSFullCell_>.

This class does not contain any geometric information but only combinatorial (adjacency) information. Thus, if the Triangulation_data_structure is used as a parameter of a (embedded) Triangulation, then its vertex template parameter has to fulfill additional geometric requirements, i.e., it has to be a model of the refined concept TriangulationVertex.

This class can be used directly or can serve as a base to derive other classes with some additional attributes tuned for a specific application (a color for example).

Template Parameters
<tt>TriangulationDataStructure_</tt>must be a model of the TriangulationDataStructure concept.
Is Model Of:

Rebind mechanism

In case of derivation from that class, the nested class Rebind_TDS need to be provided in the derived class.

See also
Triangulation_ds_full_cell<TriangulationDataStructure_, TriangulationDSFullCellStoragePolicy>
Triangulation_data_structure<Dimensionality, TriangulationDSVertex_, TriangulationDSFullCell_>

Validity Check

bool is_valid (bool verbose=false) const
 This is an advanced function. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ is_valid()

template<typename TriangulationDataStructure_ >
bool CGAL::Triangulation_ds_vertex< TriangulationDataStructure_ >::is_valid ( bool  verbose = false) const

This is an advanced function.


Implements the validity checks required by the concept TriangulationDSVertex. Does not implement additional checks.