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CGAL 4.7 - Kinetic Data Structures
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CGAL::Kinetic::Delaunay_triangulation_3< Traits, Visitor, Triangulation > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Kinetic/Delaunay_triangulation_3.h>


The class Kinetic::Delaunay_triangulation_3 maintains a Delaunay triangulation on top of the points contained in a Kinetic::ActiveObjectsTable.

It has one main method of interest. triangulation() which returns the triangulation it is maintaining. In addition, as an optimisation, you can turn on and off whether it is currently maintaining its certificates. This allows a large number of changes to the underlying points to be made at one time without recomputing the certificates each time a single point changes.

Note that the Delaunay triangulation is fully dynamic as it tracks points added to and removed from the Kinetic::ActiveObjectsTable.

The class Kinetic::Qt_triangulation_3<Traits>, included as part of the demo code, displays a kinetic Delaunay triangulation in three dimensions using the Coin library.

The optional Visitor template argument is a model of Kinetic::DelaunayTriangulationVisitor_3 and can be used to monitor changes in the kinetic data structure.

The optional Triangulation template argument must be a model of a CGAL::DelaunayTriangulation_3 which uses Traits::Default_instantaneous_kernel as its geometric traits and has Kinetic::Delaunay_triangulation_cell_base_3<Traits, Base> a the cell type.

See Also
Kinetic::Regular_triangulation_3<Traits, Triangulation, Visitor>
Kinetic::Delaunay_triangulation_2<Traits, Triangulation, Visitor


typedef unspecified_type Triangulation
 The template argument.
typedef unspecified_type Visitor
 The template argument.


 Delaunay_triangulation_3 (Traits tr)
 Maintain the Delaunay triangulation of the points in tr.active_points_3_handle().


const Triangulationtriangulation ()
 Access the triangulation that is maintained.
bool has_certificates ()
 This method returns true if the Kinetic::Delaunay_triangulation_3 is currently maintaining certificates for a Delaunay triangulation.
void set_has_certificates (bool tf)
 This method allows you to control whether the triangulation is maintaining certificates.
Visitorvisitor ()
 Access the visitor.