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CGAL 4.7 - Kinetic Data Structures
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Kinetic::SortVisitor Concept Reference


This concept is for proxy objects which have functions called on them when a Kinetic::Sort<Traits, Visitor>.

Has Models:




void pre_remove_vertex (Vertex_handle)
 The vertex is about to be deleted.
void post_remove_vertex (Point_key)
 The vertex was just removed.
void pre_insert_vertex (Point_key)
 The vertex is about to be inserted into the cell (although the Cell_handle might be NULL).
void post_insert_vertex (Vertex_handle)
 The vertex was just inserted.
void change_vertex (Vertex_handle)
 Something changed at the vertex.
void pre_swap (Vertex_handle, Vertex_handle)
 The pair of vertices is about to be exchanged.
void post_swap (Vertex_handle, Vertex_handle)
 The pair of vertices was just swapped.