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CGAL 4.7 - Kinetic Framework
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CGAL::Kinetic::Cartesian< FunctionKernel > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Kinetic/Cartesian.h>


This class provides a model of Kinetic::Kernel for use with general Cartesian geometry.

The IO format for points is currently \( p_0\), \( p_1\), ... \( w\). \( p_i\) and \( w\) are instances of Function. There IO format is typically \( c_0+c_1t+c_2t^2+...\). Beware of issues with CGAL IO of the coeffients as exact number typles often require that the coefficents be expressed as \( a/b\) even when \( b\) is 1.

Is Model Of:


typedef unspecified_type Certificate
 This is a model of Kinetic::Certificate.
typedef unspecified_type Point_1
typedef unspecified_type Point_2
typedef unspecified_type Point_3
typedef unspecified_type Weighted_point_3

Certificate Functors

The following are functors which generate Certificate objects.

Each has a corresponding _object method which creates the functor. They are models of Kinetic::CertificateGenerator.

typedef unspecified_type Orientation_2
typedef unspecified_type Orientation_3
typedef unspecified_type Side_of_oriented_circle_2
typedef unspecified_type Side_of_oriented_sphere_3
typedef unspecified_type Power_test_3
typedef unspecified_type Weighted_orientation_3
typedef unspecified_type Compare_x_1
typedef unspecified_type Compare_x_2
typedef unspecified_type Compare_y_2
typedef unspecified_type Compare_x_3
typedef unspecified_type Compare_y_3
typedef unspecified_type Compare_z_3
typedef unspecified_type Compare_distance_2
typedef unspecified_type Compare_distance_3