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CGAL 4.7 - Kinetic Framework
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CGAL::Kinetic::Default_instantaneous_kernel< SimulationTraits > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Kinetic/Default_instantaneous_kernel.h>


This class provides a model of the Kinetic::InstantaneousKernel for use with general Cartesian Geometry.

It provides all the predicates needed for Delaunay triangulations and regular triangulations.

Is Model Of:


typedef unspecified_type Orientation_2
typedef unspecified_type Orientation_3
typedef unspecified_type Side_of_oriented_circle_2
typedef unspecified_type Side_of_oriented_sphere_3
typedef unspecified_type Power_test_3
typedef unspecified_type Weighted_orientation_3
typedef unspecified_type Compare_x_1
typedef unspecified_type Compare_x_2
typedef unspecified_type Compare_y_2
typedef unspecified_type Compare_x_3
typedef unspecified_type Compare_y_3
typedef unspecified_type Compare_z_3
typedef unspecified_type Compare_distance_2
typedef unspecified_type Compare_distance_3
typedef unspecified_type Coplanar_orientation_3
 Note that this one does not work if the current time is not a NT.
typedef unspecified_type Coplanar_side_of_bounded_circle_3
 Note that this one does not work if the current time is not a NT.