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CGAL 4.7 - STL Extensions for CGAL
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CGAL::cpp11 Namespace Reference


class  array
 An object of the class cpp11::array represents an array of elements of type T, the number of which is specified by the second template argument. More...
struct  result_of
 Alias to the tr1 implementation from boost of the result_of mechanism. More...
class  tuple
 An object of the class cpp11::tuple represents a heterogeneous tuple of elements of the types specified in parameters, which are in variadic number. More...


template<typename ForwardIterator >
Iterator next (ForwardIterator it)
 The function returns the result of operator++ on a ForwardIterator. More...
template<typename BidirectionalIterator >
Iterator prev (BidirectionalIterator it)
 The function returns the result of operator-- on a BidirectionalIterator. More...
template<class InputIterator , class Size , class OutputIterator >
OutputIterator copy_n (InputIterator first, Size count, OutputIterator result)
 Copies n items from an input iterator to an output iterator. More...