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CGAL 4.8.2 - Point Set Shape Detection
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Point Set Shape Detection Reference

Sven Oesau, Yannick Verdie, Clément Jamin, Pierre Alliez
This component implements an efficient RANSAC-based primitive shape detection algorithm for point sets with unoriented normals. Five types of primitive shapes are detected: plane, sphere, cylinder, cone and torus. Other types of shapes can be detected through implementing a class deriving from the base shape class.

Introduced in: CGAL 4.7
BibTeX: cgal:ovja-pssd-16b
License: GPL
Windows Demo: Operations on Polyhedra
Common Demo Dlls: dlls

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Main Classes

Shape Interface

Shape Classes




file  Shape_detection_3.h
 Convenience header file including the headers of this package.


class  CGAL::Shape_detection_3::Efficient_RANSAC< Traits >
 A shape detection algorithm using a RANSAC method. More...
struct  CGAL::Shape_detection_3::Efficient_RANSAC_traits< Gt, InputRange, InputPointMap, InputNormalMap >
 Default traits class to use the shape detection class Efficient_RANSAC. More...