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CGAL 4.8.2 - 2D Snap Rounding
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SnapRoundingTraits_2 Concept Reference


The concept SnapRoundingTraits_2 lists the set of requirements that must be fulfilled by an instance of the Traits template-parameter of the free function CGAL::snap_rounding_2() CGAL::snap_rounding_2<Traits,InputIterator,OutputContainer>(). The list includes the nested types of the geometric primitives used in this class and some function object types for the required predicates on those primitives.

Has Models:


typedef unspecified_type FT
 The number type. More...
typedef unspecified_type Point_2
 Models the concept ArrTraits::Point_2.
typedef unspecified_type Segment_2
 Models the concept ArrTraits::XMonotoneCurve_2.
typedef unspecified_type Iso_rectangle_2
 Models the concept SRTraits_2::IsoRectangle_2
typedef unspecified_type Cartesian_const_iterator_2
 Models the concept SearchTraits::Cartesian_const_iterator_2

Functor Types

typedef unspecified_type Construct_vertex_2
 Models the concept SRTraits_2::ConstructVertex_2.
typedef unspecified_type Construct_segment_2
 Models the concept SRTraits_2::ConstructSegment_2.
typedef unspecified_type Construct_iso_rectangle_2
 Models the concept SRTraits_2::ConstructIsoRectangle_2.
typedef unspecified_type To_double
 Models the concept RealEmbeddableTraits::ToDouble. More...
typedef unspecified_type Compare_x_2
 Models the concept SRTraits_2::CompareX_2.
typedef unspecified_type Compare_y_2
 Models the concept SRTraits_2::CompareY_2.
typedef unspecified_type Snap_2
 Models the concept SRTraits_2::Snap_2.
typedef unspecified_type Integer_grid_point_2
 Models the concept SRTraits_2::IntegerGridPoint_2.
typedef unspecified_type Minkowski_sum_with_pixel_2
 Models the concept SRTraits_2::MinkowskiSumWithPixel_2.
typedef unspecified_type Construct_min_vertex_2
 Models the concept ArrTraits::ConstructMinVertex_2.
typedef unspecified_type Construct_max_vertex_2
 Models the concept ArrTraits::ConstructMaxVertex_2.
typedef unspecified_type Construct_cartesian_const_iterator_2
 Models the concept SearchTraits::Construct_cartesian_const_iterator_2.

Accessing Functor Objects

Construct_vertex_2 construct_vertex_2_object ()
Construct_segment_2 construct_segment_2_object ()
Construct_iso_rectangle_2 construct_iso_rectangle_2_object ()
Compare_x_2 compare_x_2_object ()
Compare_y_2 compare_y_2_object ()
Snap_2 snap_2_object ()
Integer_grid_point_2 integer_grid_point_2_object ()
Minkowski_sum_with_pixel_2 minkowski_sum_with_pixel_2_object ()

Member Typedef Documentation

The number type.

This type must fulfill the requirements on FieldNumberType

Models the concept RealEmbeddableTraits::ToDouble.

The precision of this operation is of not high significance, as it is only used in the implementation of the heuristic technique to exploit a cluster of kd-trees rather than just one.