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CGAL 5.0.2 - CGAL and the Boost Graph Library
CGAL::Linear_cell_complex_for_bgl_combinatorial_map_helper< d, d2, LCCTraits, Alloc > Struct Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Linear_cell_complex_for_bgl_combinatorial_map_helper.h>


The class Linear_cell_complex_for_bgl_combinatorial_map_helper defines a CGAL::Linear_cell_complex_for_combinatorial_map as inner type, named type, having CGAL::Linear_cell_complex_bgl_min_items as items class.

With this item class, no information are associated with darts, darts have ids and 0- and 2-attributes are enabled and have ids.

Template Parameters
dthe dimension of the combinatorial map.
d2the dimension of the ambient space. Equal to d by default.
LCCTraitsbe a model of the LinearCellComplexTraits concept, satisfying LCCTraits::ambient_dimension==d2. Equal to CGAL::Linear_cell_complex_traits<d2> by default.
Allochas to match the standard allocator requirements. Equal to CGAL_ALLOCATOR(int) by default.
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Public Types

typedef CGAL::Linear_cell_complex_for_combinatorial_map< d, d2, LCCTraits, CGAL::Linear_cell_complex_bgl_min_items, Alloc > type
 Type of the Linear_cell_complex_for_combinatorial_map.