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CGAL 5.0.2 - 3D Periodic Mesh Generation
Periodic_3MeshDomain_3 Concept Reference



The concept Periodic_3MeshDomain_3 describes the knowledge required on the object to be discretized. The concept Periodic_3MeshDomain_3 is the concept to be used when the input domain is defined over the three-dimensional flat torus.

From a syntactic point of view, it defines almost the same requirements as the concept MeshDomain_3 and thus Periodic_3MeshDomain_3 refines MeshDomain_3: the concept Periodic_3MeshDomain_3 additionally requires an access to the user-defined canonical cube via the function bounding_box. However, the oracle must take into account the periodicity of the domain (see Section Input Domain).

The class CGAL::Labeled_mesh_domain_3<BGT> paired with a periodic labeling function is a model of this concept. It is possible to create artificially periodic functions through the class CGAL::Periodic_3_function_wrapper<Function,BGT>.

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Public Types

typedef unspecified_type Iso_cuboid_3
 The canonical cube type.

Public Member Functions

const Iso_cuboid_3bounding_box ()
 returns the user-chosen cube that is the canonical instance of the flat torus.