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CGAL 5.0.2 - CGAL and Solvers
SvdTraits::Matrix Concept Reference


Concept of matrix type used by the concept SvdTraits.

Has Models:

Public Member Functions

 Matrix (size_t n1, size_t n2)
 Initialize all the entries of the matrix to zero.
size_t number_of_rows ()
 Return the number of rows of the matrix.
size_t number_of_columns ()
 Return the number of columns of the matrix.
FT operator() (size_t i, size_t j)
 Return the entry at row i and column j, i from 0 to number_of_rows - 1, j from 0 to number_of_columns - 1.
void set (size_t i, size_t j, const FT value)
 Set the entry at row i and column j to value.