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CGAL 5.0 - 3D Periodic Mesh Generation

The free functions that can be used to read and write periodic meshes.


template<class C3T3 >
void CGAL::output_periodic_mesh_to_medit (std::ostream &os, const C3T3 &c3t3, int occurrence_count=8, bool distinguish_copies=true, bool rebind=false, bool show_patches=false)
 Outputs a periodic mesh to the medit (.mesh) file format. More...

Function Documentation

◆ output_periodic_mesh_to_medit()

template<class C3T3 >
void CGAL::output_periodic_mesh_to_medit ( std::ostream &  os,
const C3T3 &  c3t3,
int  occurrence_count = 8,
bool  distinguish_copies = true,
bool  rebind = false,
bool  show_patches = false 

#include <CGAL/Periodic_3_mesh_3/IO/File_medit.h>

Outputs a periodic mesh to the medit (.mesh) file format.

See [5] for a comprehensive description of this file format.

osthe output stream
c3t3the mesh complex
occurrence_countthe number of copies that are drawn
distinguish_copiesif set to true, each copy is assigned a unique color. Otherwise, all domains are drawn with subdomain index-based colors.
rebindif set to true, labels of cells are rebinded into [1..nb_of_labels]
show_patchesif set to true, patches are labeled with different labels than cells. If false, each surface facet is written twice, using the label of each adjacent cell.
Periodic_3_mesh_3/mesh_implicit_shape.cpp, Periodic_3_mesh_3/mesh_implicit_shape_with_features.cpp, Periodic_3_mesh_3/mesh_implicit_shape_with_optimizers.cpp, and Periodic_3_mesh_3/mesh_implicit_shape_with_subdomains.cpp.