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CGAL 5.0 - Triangulated Surface Mesh Approximation
Triangulated Surface Mesh Approximation Reference

Pierre Alliez, David Cohen-Steiner, Lingjie Zhu
This package implements the Variational Shape Approximation method to approximate an input surface triangle mesh by a simpler surface triangle mesh. The algorithm proceeds by iterative clustering of triangles, the clustering process being seeded randomly, incrementally or hierarchically. While the default function runs an automated version of the algorithm, interactive control is possible via a class interface. The API is flexible and can be extended to user-defined proxies and error metrics.
Introduced in: CGAL 4.14
BibTeX: cgal:az-tsma-19b
Depends on: Eigen
License: GPL
Windows Demo: Polyhedron demo
Common Demo Dlls: dlls

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Optional parameters of the functions of this package are implemented as BGL named parameters. The page Named Parameters describes their usage and provides the list of parameters used in this package.


Main Functions



 Named Parameters
 How to use BGL Optional Named Parameters



class  CGAL::Surface_mesh_approximation::L21_metric_plane_proxy< TriangleMesh, VertexPointMap, GeomTraits >
 Approximation L21 metric of vector proxy. More...
class  CGAL::Surface_mesh_approximation::L2_metric_plane_proxy< TriangleMesh, VertexPointMap, GeomTraits >
 Approximation L2 metric of plane proxy. More...
class  CGAL::Variational_shape_approximation< TriangleMesh, VertexPointMap, ErrorMetricProxy, GeomTraits, Concurrency_tag >
 Main class for Variational Shape Approximation algorithm. More...


enum  CGAL::Surface_mesh_approximation::Verbose_level { CGAL::Surface_mesh_approximation::SILENT, CGAL::Surface_mesh_approximation::MAIN_STEPS, CGAL::Surface_mesh_approximation::VERBOSE }
 Verbose level enumeration. More...
enum  CGAL::Surface_mesh_approximation::Seeding_method { CGAL::Surface_mesh_approximation::RANDOM, CGAL::Surface_mesh_approximation::INCREMENTAL, CGAL::Surface_mesh_approximation::HIERARCHICAL }
 Seeding method enumeration for Variational Shape Approximation algorithm. More...


template<typename TriangleMesh , typename NamedParameters >
bool CGAL::Surface_mesh_approximation::approximate_triangle_mesh (const TriangleMesh &tm, const NamedParameters &np)
 approximates the input mesh with plane proxies. More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ Seeding_method

#include <CGAL/Variational_shape_approximation.h>

Seeding method enumeration for Variational Shape Approximation algorithm.


Random seeding.


Incremental seeding.


Hierarchical seeding.

◆ Verbose_level

#include <CGAL/Surface_mesh_approximation/approximate_triangle_mesh.h>

Verbose level enumeration.




Main steps.



Function Documentation

◆ approximate_triangle_mesh()

template<typename TriangleMesh , typename NamedParameters >
bool CGAL::Surface_mesh_approximation::approximate_triangle_mesh ( const TriangleMesh &  tm,
const NamedParameters &  np 

#include <CGAL/Surface_mesh_approximation/approximate_triangle_mesh.h>

approximates the input mesh with plane proxies.

This function uses the Variational Shape Approximation algorithm described in [1] to approximate a triangle surface mesh, with indexed triangles as output.

Template Parameters
TriangleMeshmodel of FaceListGraph
NamedParametersa sequence of Named Parameters
tmtriangle surface mesh to be approximated
npoptional sequence of Named Parameters among the ones listed below
true if the indexed triangles represent a 2-manifold, oriented surface mesh, and false otherwise.
Approximation Named Parameters
geom_traitsa geometric traits class instance, model of Kernel. Exact constructions kernels are not supported by this function.
vertex_point_mapthe property map with the points associated to the vertices of tm. Instance of a class model of ReadablePropertyMap.
verbose_levelset verbose level.
seeding_methodselection of seeding method.
max_number_of_proxiesmaximum number of proxies to approximate the input mesh.
min_error_dropminimum error drop of the approximation, expressed in ratio between two iterations of proxy addition.
number_of_relaxationsnumber of relaxation iterations interleaved within seeding.
number_of_iterationsnumber of partitioning and fitting iterations after seeding.
Meshing Named Parameters
subdivision_ratiochord subdivision ratio threshold to the chord length or average edge length.
relative_to_chordif true the subdivision_ratio is the ratio of the furthest vertex distance to the chord length, otherwise is the average edge length.
with_dihedral_angleif set to true the subdivision_ratio is weighted by dihedral angle.
optimize_anchor_locationif set to true, optimize the anchor locations.
pca_planeset true if use PCA plane fitting, otherwise use the default area averaged plane parameters.
Output Named Parameters
face_proxy_mapa WritablePropertyMap with boost::graph_traits<TriangleMesh>::face_descriptor as key and std::size_t as value type. A proxy is a set of connected faces which are placed under the same proxy patch (see Figure 72.3). The proxy-ids are contiguous in range [0, number_of_proxies - 1].
proxiesoutput iterator over proxies.
anchorsoutput iterator over anchor points.
trianglesoutput iterator over indexed triangles.
Surface_mesh_approximation/vsa_approximation_2_example.cpp, Surface_mesh_approximation/vsa_approximation_example.cpp, Surface_mesh_approximation/vsa_segmentation_example.cpp, and Surface_mesh_approximation/vsa_simple_approximation_example.cpp.