CGAL 5.1.3 - 3D Triangulations
CGAL::Regular_triangulation_vertex_base_3< Traits, TDSVb > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Regular_triangulation_vertex_base_3.h>

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The class Regular_triangulation_vertex_base_3 is a model of the concept RegularTriangulationVertexBase_3, the base vertex of a 3D regular triangulation.

This class stores a weighted point.

This class can be used directly or can serve as a base to derive other classes with some additional attributes (a color for example) tuned for a specific application.

Template Parameters
Traitsis the geometric traits class and must be a model of RegularTriangulationTraits_3. Users of the geometric triangulations are strongly advised to use the same geometric traits class as the one used in Regular_triangulation_3. This way, the point type defined by the base vertex is the same as the point type defined by the geometric traits class.
TDSVbis a combinatorial vertex base class from which Regular_triangulation_vertex_base_3 derives. It must be a model of the TriangulationDSVertexBase_3 concept. It has the default value Triangulation_ds_vertex_base_3<TDS>.
Is Model Of:
See also
Triangulation_3/parallel_insertion_and_removal_in_regular_3.cpp, and Triangulation_3/regular_with_info_3.cpp.


typedef Traits::Weighted_point_3 Point