CGAL 5.1.3 - 3D Triangulations
CGAL::Triangulation_cell_base_with_info_3< Info, TriangulationTraits_3, TriangulationCellBase_3_ > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Triangulation_cell_base_with_info_3.h>

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The class Triangulation_cell_base_with_info_3 is a model of the concept TriangulationCellBase_3, the base cell of a 3D-triangulation.

It provides an easy way to add some user defined information in cells. Note that input/output operators discard this additional information.

Template Parameters
Infois the information the user would like to add to a cell. It has to be DefaultConstructible and Assignable.
TriangulationTraits_3is the geometric traits class. It is actually not used by this class.
TriangulationCellBase_3_is a cell base class from which Triangulation_cell_base_with_info_3 derives. It must be a model of the TriangulationCellBase_3 concept. It has the default value Triangulation_cell_base_3<TriangulationTraits_3>.
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typedef Info Info

Access Functions

const Infoinfo () const
 Returns a const reference to the object of type Info stored in the cell.
Infoinfo ()
 Returns a reference to the object of type Info stored in the cell.