CGAL 5.2 - 3D Convex Hulls
CGAL::Extreme_points_traits_adapter_3< PointPropertyMap, Base_traits > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Extreme_points_traits_adapter_3.h>


template<class PointPropertyMap, class Base_traits = Default>
class CGAL::Extreme_points_traits_adapter_3< PointPropertyMap, Base_traits >

The class Extreme_points_traits_adapter_3 serves as a traits class for the function extreme_points_3().

It permits the use of this function for accessing vertices, indices, or anything that can be used as key_type for PointPropertyMap.

Template Parameters
PointPropertyMapa model of ReadablePropertyMap with CGAL::Point_3 as value_type.
Base_traitsa model of ConvexHullTraits_3 and IsStronglyConvexTraits_3. If the kernel R of the points from PointPropertyMap is a kernel with exact predicates but inexact constructions (in practice we check R::Has_filtered_predicates_tag is Tag_true and R::FT is a floating point type), then the default traits class used is Convex_hull_traits_3<R>, and R otherwise.
Is Model Of:



Public Types

typedef boost::property_traits< PointPropertyMap >::key_type Point_3

Public Member Functions

 Extreme_points_traits_adapter_3 (const PointPropertyMap &pmap, Base_traits base=Base_traits())
 Constructor for the adapter. More...
boost::property_traits< PointPropertyMap >::reference get_point (const typename boost::property_traits< PointPropertyMap >::key_type &k) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Extreme_points_traits_adapter_3()

template<class PointPropertyMap , class Base_traits = Default>
CGAL::Extreme_points_traits_adapter_3< PointPropertyMap, Base_traits >::Extreme_points_traits_adapter_3 ( const PointPropertyMap &  pmap,
Base_traits  base = Base_traits() 

Constructor for the adapter.

It uses the functors from Base_traits with a call to get() for each argument.

pmapthe propertymap used for retrieving the data.
basethe base ConvexHullTraits_3 used for extreme_points_3().

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_point()

template<class PointPropertyMap , class Base_traits = Default>
boost::property_traits<PointPropertyMap>::reference CGAL::Extreme_points_traits_adapter_3< PointPropertyMap, Base_traits >::get_point ( const typename boost::property_traits< PointPropertyMap >::key_type &  k) const
the CGAL::Point_3 associated with k