CGAL 5.3 - 3D Mesh Generation
CGAL::Gray_image_mesh_domain_3< Image, BGT, Image_word_type > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Gray_image_mesh_domain_3.h>


The class template Gray_image_mesh_domain_3 is deprecated since CGAL-4.13, in favor of the class template Labeled_mesh_domain_3 and its static function Labeled_mesh_domain_3::create_gray_image_mesh_domain().

The class Gray_image_mesh_domain_3 implements a domain described by a 3D gray image. A 3D gray image is a grid of voxels, where each voxel is associated with a gray level value. This class is a model of the concept MeshDomain_3. The domain to be discretized is the union of voxels that lie inside a surface described by an isolevel value, called isovalue. The voxels lying inside the domain have gray level values that are larger than the isovalue.

This class includes a member function that provides, by interpolation, a gray level value at any query point. An intersection between a segment and bounding surfaces is detected when both segment endpoints are associated with gray level values which are on both sides of the isovalue. The intersection is then constructed by bisection. The bisection stops when the query segment is shorter than a given error bound e. This error bound is given by e=d \( \times\)bound where d is the length of the diagonal of the bounding box (in world coordinates) and bound is the argument passed to the constructor of Labeled_image_mesh_domain_3.

Template Parameters
Imageis the type of the input image. This parameter must be CGAL::Image_3.
BGTis a geometric traits class which provides the basic operations to implement intersection tests and intersection computations through a bisection method. This parameter must be instantiated with a model of the concept BisectionGeometricTraits_3.
Image_word_typeis the data type encoded in the Image input file
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 Gray_image_mesh_domain_3 (const Image &image, const Image_word_type iso_value, const Image_word_type value_outside=0., const BGT::FT &error_bound=BGT::FT(1e-3))
 Construction from an image. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Gray_image_mesh_domain_3()

template<typename Image , typename BGT , typename Image_word_type >
CGAL::Gray_image_mesh_domain_3< Image, BGT, Image_word_type >::Gray_image_mesh_domain_3 ( const Image &  image,
const Image_word_type  iso_value,
const Image_word_type  value_outside = 0.,
const BGT::FT &  error_bound = BGT::FT(1e-3) 

Construction from an image.

The object to be meshed is described by the voxels that have a gray-level value higher than the input isovalue.

imagethe input image
iso_valuethe isovalue, inside image, of the surface describing the boundary of the object to be meshed.
value_outsidethe value attached to voxels outside of the domain to be meshed. It should be lower than iso_value
error_boundis relative to the size of the image.