CGAL 5.3 - 2D Polygons
2D Polygon Reference

Geert-Jan Giezeman and Wieger Wesselink
This package provides a 2D polygon class and operations on sequences of points, like bounding box, extremal points, signed area, simplicity and convexity test, orientation, and point location. The demo includes operations on polygons, such as computing a convex partition, and the straight skeleton.
Introduced in: CGAL 0.9
BibTeX: cgal:gw-p2-21a
License: LGPL
Windows Demo: Operations on Polygons
Common Demo Dlls: dlls


The assertion flags for the polygons and polygon operations use POLYGON in their names (e.g., CGAL_POLYGON_NO_ASSERTIONS).

Classified Reference Pages



Global Functions

Draw a Polygon_2

Draw a Polygon_with_holes_2


 Global Functions
 Draw a 2D Polygon
 Draw a 2D Polygon with Holes


class  CGAL::General_polygon_with_holes_2< Polygon_ >
 The class General_polygon_with_holes_2 models the concept GeneralPolygonWithHoles_2. More...
class  CGAL::Polygon_2< Traits_P, Container_P >
 The class Polygon_2 implements polygons. More...
class  CGAL::Polygon_with_holes_2< Kernel, Containter >
 The class Polygon_with_holes_2 models the concept GeneralPolygonWithHoles_2. More...