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VertexListGraph Concept Reference


Concept from the Boost Graph Library. See

The concept VertexListGraph refines the concept Graph and adds the requirement for traversal of all vertices in a graph.

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See Boost Graph Traits Specializations
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Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

template<typename VertexListGraph >
std::pair< boost::graph_traits< VertexListGraph >::vertex_iterator, boost::graph_traits< VertexListGraph >::vertex_iterator > vertices (const VertexListGraph &g)
template<typename VertexListGraph >
boost::graph_traits< VertexListGraph >::vertices_size_type num_vertices (const VertexListGraph &g)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ num_vertices()

template<typename VertexListGraph >
boost::graph_traits< VertexListGraph >::vertices_size_type num_vertices ( const VertexListGraph g)

returns an upper bound of the number of vertices of the graph.

num_vertices() may return a number larger than std::distance(vertices(g).first, vertices(g).second). This is the case for implementations only marking vertices deleted in the vertex container.
BGL_triangulation_2/dijkstra.cpp, and BGL_triangulation_2/dijkstra_with_internal_properties.cpp.

◆ vertices()