CGAL 5.3 - CGAL and the Boost Graph Library
CGAL::graph_has_property< Graph, PropertyTag > Struct Template Reference

#include <CGAL/boost/graph/properties.h>

Inherited by CGAL::graph_has_property< CGAL::Face_filtered_graph< Graph, FIMap, VIMap, HIMap >, PropertyTag >, and CGAL::graph_has_property< CGAL::Graph_with_descriptor_with_graph< Graph >, PropertyTag >.


graph_has_property is used to indicate if a model of HalfedgeGraph or FaceGraph has an internal property associated with the given PropertyTag.

It inherits from CGAL::Tag_true if there is a default internal property map for the corresponding property tag and from CGAL::Tag_false otherwise.

Template Parameters
Grapha model of HalfedgeGraph or FaceGraph
PropertyTagthe type of a property tag referring to the property of interest.