CGAL 5.3 - dD Geometry Kernel
Kernel_d::Oriented_side_d Concept Reference



A model of this concept must provide:

template<class Kernel_object >
Oriented_side operator() (const Kernel_object &o, const Kernel_d::Point_d &p)
 returns the side of \( p\) with respect to \( o\). More...

Member Function Documentation

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template<class Kernel_object >
Oriented_side Kernel_d::Oriented_side_d::operator() ( const Kernel_object &  o,
const Kernel_d::Point_d p 

returns the side of \( p\) with respect to \( o\).

Kernel_object may be any of Kernel_d::Sphere_d or Kernel_d::Hyperplane_d.

p and o have the same dimension.