CGAL 5.4 - Halfedge Data Structures
#include <CGAL/HalfedgeDS_min_items.h>
#include <CGAL/HalfedgeDS_default.h>
#include <CGAL/HalfedgeDS_decorator.h>
// An items type using a halfedge with previous-pointer.
struct My_items : public CGAL::HalfedgeDS_min_items {
template <class Refs, class Traits>
struct Halfedge_wrapper {
CGAL::Tag_true, // previous pointer selected.
CGAL::Tag_false, // pointer to vertex not selected.
CGAL::Tag_false // pointer to face not selected.
> Halfedge;
// no traits needed, argument can be arbitrary dummy.
int main() {
HDS hds;
Decorator decorator(hds);
CGAL_assertion( decorator.is_valid());
return 0;