CGAL 5.4 - 3D Periodic Triangulations
Periodic_3Offset_3 Concept Reference


The concept Periodic_3Offset_3 describes a three-dimensional integer vector with some specialized access functions and operations.

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 Periodic_3Offset_3 ()
 Default constructor.
 Periodic_3Offset_3 (int x, int y, int z)
 Constructs the offset (x,y,z).


Periodic_3Offset_3 operator+ (const Periodic_3Offset_3 &other) const
 Return the vector sum of o and other.
Periodic_3Offset_3 operator- (const Periodic_3Offset_3 &other) const
 Return the vector difference of o and other.
Periodic_3Offset_3 operator- () const
 Return the negative vector of o.
void operator+= (const Periodic_3Offset_3 &other) const
 Add other to o using vector addition.
void operator-= (const Periodic_3Offset_3 &other) const
 Subtract other from o using vector subtraction.
bool operator== (const Periodic_3Offset_3 &other) const
 Return true if other and o represent the same vector.
bool operator!= (const Periodic_3Offset_3 &other) const
 Return true if other and o do not represent the same vector.
bool operator< (const Periodic_3Offset_3 &other) const
 Compare o and other lexicographically.

Access Functions

int operator[] (int i)
 Return the \( i\)-th entry of o.
int x () const
 Return the \( x\)-entry of o.
int y () const
 Return the \( y\)-entry of o.
int z ()
 Return the \( z\)-entry of o.
bool is_null () const
 Returns true if o is equal to (0,0,0).
istream & operator>> (istream &is, Periodic_3_offset_3 &off)
 Inputs an offset from is.
ostream & operator<< (ostream &os, Periodic_3_offset_3 &off) const
 Outputs an offset from os.