CGAL 5.4.4 - 2D Arrangements
ArrangementDcelInnerCcb Concept Reference


A hole record in a Dcel data structure, which stores the face that contains the hole in its interior, along with an iterator for the hole in the holes' container of this face.

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typedef unspecified_type Face
 the corresponding Dcel face type. More...
typedef Face::InnerCcb_iterator InnerCcb_iterator


 Arr_dcel_hole ()
 default constructor. More...

Access Functions

All functions below also have const counterparts, returning non-mutable pointers or iterators:

Faceface ()
 returns the incident face, which contains ho in its interior. More...
InnerCcb_iterator iterator ()
 returns an iterator for the hole. More...


void set_face (Face *f)
 sets the incident face. More...
void set_iterator (InnerCcb_iterator it)
 sets the hole iterator. More...

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Face

the corresponding Dcel face type.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Arr_dcel_hole()

ArrangementDcelInnerCcb::Arr_dcel_hole ( )

default constructor.

◆ face()

Face* ArrangementDcelInnerCcb::face ( )

returns the incident face, which contains ho in its interior.

◆ iterator()

InnerCcb_iterator ArrangementDcelInnerCcb::iterator ( )

returns an iterator for the hole.

◆ set_face()

void ArrangementDcelInnerCcb::set_face ( Face f)

sets the incident face.

◆ set_iterator()

void ArrangementDcelInnerCcb::set_iterator ( InnerCcb_iterator  it)

sets the hole iterator.