CGAL 5.4.4 - 2D Arrangements
CGAL::Arr_conic_traits_2< RatKernel, AlgKernel, NtTraits >::Point_2 Class Reference

#include <CGAL/Arr_conic_traits_2.h>

Inherits from



The Point_2 class nested within the conic-arc traits is used to represent points.

It inherits from the algebraic kernel point.


 Point_2 ()
 construct a default point.
 Point_2 (const typename Alg_kernel::Point_2 &p)
 construct a point from an algebraic point.
 Point_2 (const Algebraic &hx, const Algebraic &hy, const Algebraic &hz)
 constructs from homegeneous coordinates.
 Point_2 (const Algebraic &x, const Algebraic &y)
 constructs from Cartesian coordinates.