CGAL 5.4.4 - Bounding Volumes
CGAL::Min_sphere_of_spheres_d_traits_d< K, FT, Dim, UseSqrt, Algorithm > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Min_sphere_of_spheres_d_traits_d.h>


The class Min_sphere_of_spheres_d_traits_d<K,FT,Dim,UseSqrt,Algorithm> is a model for concept MinSphereOfSpheresTraits.

It uses the CGAL type Point_d to represent circles.

Is Model Of:
Template Parameters
Kis a model for Kernel.
FTis a number type, which fulfills the requirements of type FT of concept MinSphereOfSpheresTraits: It must be either double or float, or an exact number type.
Dimis the dimension.
UseSqrtfulfills the requirements of type Use_square_roots of concept MinSphereOfSpheresTraits: It must be either Tag_true or Tag_false and it defaults to Tag_false.
Algorithmfulfills the requirements of type Algorithm of concept MinSphereOfSpheresTraits: It must be either Default_algorithm, LP_algorithm or Farthest_first_heuristic, and it defaults to Default_algorithm.


static const int D
 is the constant Dim.


In addition to the types required by the concept MinSphereOfSpheresTraits, this model also defines the types Radius and Point.

Here's the complete list of defined types:

typedef unspecified_type FT
typedef unspecified_type Use_square_roots
typedef unspecified_type Algorithm
typedef unspecified_type Radius
 is a typedef to the template parameter FT
typedef unspecified_type Point
 is a typedef to K::Point_d.
typedef unspecified_type Sphere
 is a typedef to std::pair<Point,Radius>.
typedef unspecified_type Cartesian_const_iterator
 is a typedef to K::Cartesian_const_iterator_d.

Access Functions

The class provides the access functions required by the concept MinSphereOfSpheresTraits; they simply map to the corresponding routines of class K::Point_d:

FT radius (const Sphere &s)
 maps to s.second.
Cartesian_const_iterator center_cartesian_begin (const Sphere &s)
 maps to s.first.cartesian_begin().