CGAL 5.4.4 - Combinatorial Maps
GenericMapItems Concept Reference


The concept GenericMapItems allows to customize a dD generic map by choosing the information associated with darts, and by enabling and disabling some attributes. For that, it defines an inner class template named Dart_wrapper, with one template parameter, Map, a model of the GenericMap concept. This inner class can define the two types Dart_info and Attributes.

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The following examples show two possible models of the GenericMapItems concept: the first one for a generic map without dart information, nor enabled attributes, the second one for a generic map with a double associated with each dart, and edge attributes enabled, and associated with a Cell_attribute containing an int.

struct Exemple_Item_1
template < class CMap >
struct Dart_wrapper
struct Exemple_Item_2
template < class GMap >
struct Dart_wrapper
typedef double Dart_info;
typedef CGAL::Cell_attribute<GMap, int> Edge_attrib;
typedef std::tuple<void,Edge_attrib> Attributes;

Public Types

template<typename Map >
using Dart_wrapper = unspecified_type
 Wrapper class defining type of information associated with darts and types of attributes. More...

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Dart_wrapper

template<typename Map >
using GenericMapItems::Dart_wrapper = unspecified_type

Wrapper class defining type of information associated with darts and types of attributes.

The class Dart_wrapper<Map> must provide:

  • Dart_wrapper<Map>::Dart_info, the type of information associated with darts. Not defined or equal to void to have no information.
  • Dart_wrapper<Map>::Attributes The tuple of attributes, containing at most Map::dimension+1 types (one for each possible cell of the generic map). Each type of the tuple must be either a model of the CellAttribute concept or void. The first type corresponds to 0-attributes, the second to 1-attributes and so on. If the \( i^{\mbox{th}}\) type in the tuple is void, (i-1)-attributes are disabled. Otherwise, (i-1)-attributes are enabled and have the given type. If the size of the tuple is k, with k<Map::dimension+1, \( \forall\)i: k \( \leq\)i \( \leq\)Map::dimension, i-attributes are disabled. If this type is not defined, all attributes are disabled.
It can be implemented using a nested template class.