CGAL 5.4.4 - Combinatorial Maps
CGAL::Combinatorial_map_min_items< d > Struct Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Combinatorial_map_min_items.h>


The class Combinatorial_map_min_items defines the type of darts which is a Dart<d,CMap>.

The Combinatorial_map_min_items has a template argument for the dimension of the combinatorial map. In this class, no attribute is enabled.

Template Parameters
dthe dimension of the combinatorial map.
This class is deprecated since CGAL 4.9. Users are required to use class Generic_map_min_items instead, where the Dart type is no more defined, but replaced by the Dart_info type. CGAL_CMAP_DART_DEPRECATED can be defined to keep the old behavior.


The following example shows the implementation of the Combinatorial_map_min_items class.

template <unsigned int d>
struct Combinatorial_map_min_items
template <class CMap>
struct Dart_wrapper
typedef CGAL::Dart<d, CMap> Dart;
typedef std::tuple<> Attributes;
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