CGAL 5.4.4 - 2D Boolean Operations on Nef Polygons Embedded on the Sphere
CGAL::Nef_polyhedron_S2< Traits >::SFace Class Reference

#include <CGAL/Nef_polyhedron_S2.h>


Figures figureNefS2SVertexIncidences and figureNefS2SHalfloopIncidences illustrate the incidences of an sface.

An sface is described by its boundaries. An entry item to each boundary cycle can be accessed using the iterator range (sface_cycles_begin()/sface_cycles_end()). Additionally, Nef_polyhedron_S2 provides the macro CGAL_forall_sface_cylces_of. The iterators are of type SFace_cycle_const_iterator and represent either a shalfedge, a shalfloop, or a svertex.


There is no need for a user to create a SFace explicitly. The class Nef_polyhedron_S2<Traits> manages the needed sfaces internally.

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The following types are the same as in Nef_polyhedron_S2<Traits>.

typedef unspecified_type Mark
 type of mark.
typedef unspecified_type Object_list
 list of Object handles.
typedef unspecified_type Vertex_const_handle
 const handle to Vertex.
typedef unspecified_type Volume_const_handle
 const handle to Volume.
typedef unspecified_type SFace_const_handle
 const handle to SFace.
typedef unspecified_type SFace_cycle_const_iterator
 const iterator over the entries to all sface cycles of a sface.


const Markmark () const
 the mark of the sface.
SFace_cycle_const_iterator sface_cycle_begin () const
 iterator over the entries to all sface cycles of the sface .
SFace_cycle_const_iterator sface_cycle_end () const
 past-the-end iterator.